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ENS Group Drive-Thru Handle | Stand

ENS Group Drive-Thru Handle | Stand

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POSP Part ID: 134525

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Protect your customers and merchants at the point-of-sale. The Drive-Thru Handle by ENS provides the best Drive-Thru experience. Today’s customer sees drive-thru as a safe and reliable solution for purchase of pharmacy and food items. Maintain a safe distance between the Drive-Thru team member and the cardholder, prevent staff from leaning out the window and eliminate touching of customer’s credit card.


The ENS Drive-Thru handle is made from the most durable, yet lightweight components, providing the best user experience. Drive-Thru environments are high volume and harsh. This solution is rugged and durable to meet these requirements, yet lightweight enough to make it a easy to use for associates. Terminal/PINPad cables are safely routed within the unit, protecting them against twisting/breakage and protecting the payment device against theft.